Monday, March 11, 2013

Here We Go...Let the Adventure Begin!

Time to begin this adventure....
I appreciate you stopping by. J
(I do smiley faces all the time – and use punctuation any English teacher would frown upon J )
 I created my blog as a place to document and share my DIY projects,
(trials and errors) Quirks and Delights.
Most of all to share my delight to learn, create, and stand back and say "I did that!”
I have always loved to try new DIY project.
I like to stretch the boundary of what is good enough to what is FANTASTIC!
(And the boundaries of what my husband may think is just fine – really big grin!)
At times I feel very “left-handed” (right-handed for all the Leftys –I don’t want to offend J )
So for anyone that may consider themselves a Beginner, you are in good company.
And for those that are Domestic Divas, you have found a place for encouragements and hopefully resources for fun.
 Here we go….down the road as a proud DIYer!!

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