Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Teenage Bedroom Decor with Christmas Lights

I finally did it! 

Yes, I finally finished the sheer curtain inspiration from Pinterest for Daughter #2's bedroom.
She's a teenager. A very patient teen which was so awesome while waiting for dear oldmom to do her room. Many times the word patient and teenage do not go together but in this case.....she was an inspiration.
 I wonder if this moment can get me through the rest of the teen years. LOL

This has definitely been a JOURNEY.....and a to spell that word...
Wow, that has always been a tough word for me ☺

Okay...back to the lights. Below is the Inspiration picture on my Pinterest Board. 

The chandelier was a great find at Hobby Lobby over the holidays.
 A couple of missing crystals and I was able to buy it for a bargain way below the asking price. 
I doubt Daughter #2 even knows a few crystals are missing.

Pat-On-the-back for this thrifty Mom ☺

Now I'm off to work on the bed skirt and window treatment. 

Take care and have fun!

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